Key tips from the judges that will help you create a winning entry!

The window period for work, that can be submitted -

  • All work flighted between 01 May 2021 and 15 June 2022 can be entered
  • Should you be working on a campaign that is due to go live before end of June 2021 and you wish to enter this campaign, we will accept it, provided you can supply the relevant stats to support the campaign, before entries close and judging begins.
  • If you are entering the Most Viral Campaign Category, please supply the actual numbers to back up the results, and not just the % result. It is hard to judge a piece of work on percentages alone.
  • Be sure to include measurable objectives and benchmarks for success. Without these, we are unable to accurately assess the results and the efficiency of the campaign. This includes putting in your budget – even if the budget is R0.00, we need to know that. Rest assured, the figure will be kept completely confidential and will not be published.
  • Customise your entry to the category into which it is entered. Give the judges a reason why you deserve to win in that particular category. Many entrants submit the same entry into multiple categories, 'which is perfectly acceptable' but when judging, we consider the merits of the entry according to the specific category. The information that you would need to provide for the “Best Low Budget Campaign” would need to be different from, say, “Best use of Technical Innovation” Highlight the main parts that apply for each of the categories being entered.
  • Don’t assume that the readers have prior knowledge of your campaign. Write a succinct summary providing all relevant information, and please make sure that you proofread your entry!
  • Please note that if you wish to submit an entry for the 2022 awards that was previously submitted in 2021, please show any significant changes made to the campaign that have affected the overall outcome and results in 2022. (All changes must be identified and highlighted on the entry form attached)
  • Quantifiable, measurable objectives need to be identified, and evidence provided that these had been met or exceeded
  • The entries that address all the judging criteria, are creative and go beyond standard practice – developing into something magical – make for award-winners
  • Please ensure that the project you are entering meets required category objectives, and is not just a “copy-and-paste job” across multiple categories
  • Entry submissions should not be long and confusing. Try to give relevant and clear points that apply to each campaign and limit the accompanying documents, PowerPoints and videos – be more in sync with answering the brief requirement for that particular award
  • Make sure that the response mentions why it should win that particular award. e.g. Why was it a “best in class” integrated campaign, and what were the elements?
  • Show articulated results for short-, medium-and long-term goals, and/or return on investment for the client. Supporting evidence helps tremendously when judges are marking the work
  • Make sure your entry is well written – STAND OUT, be clear, spell-check and be concise about why it’s been entered
  • Winning campaigns will need to show on-strategy creative execution that displays a clear link between the original business objectives and the outcomes enabled by the work

Brief notes:

  1. Focus on work that has flighted commercially over the 12 months from May 2021.
  2. Keep your answers brief, as judges only want to read what is relevant.
  3. Judges will be looking for campaigns that go beyond the norm, beyond just doing one’s job.
  4. Video's can add immense value to back up your entries. Specifically if you are entering "Agency of the Year"
  5. Please supply larger files via WeTransfer or Google Docs.
  6. Email your entries to
  7. Post disks and other visual material (if applicable) to PO Box 570, Ferndale 2160.
  8. For Q&As visit our FAQ page or, alternatively, contact Stephen or Natasha on 011 462 9963/076 413 1339.