New Generation Awards

Do your social media followers want to be healthier, smarter, better dressed, creative, connected, and/or entrepreneurial? Do they turn to you when looking for positive inspiration and guidance on how to become their best selves? 

Do you connect and engage with your audience in ways that captivate them? If you’ve spent a lot of time building your social media / blogging expertise, authentic relationships with your audience, and social collateral, your outstanding contribution as an individual influencer to an Influencer Marketing campaign will determine your success as a nominee in our new Influencer Marketer category.

Entrants must have a minimum of 10,000 Instagram and/or YouTube Subscribers and/or Facebook page followers and/or 10,000 Twitter followers and/or 10,000 personal blog Subscribers.

More details about this category can be found on our site, under the Special Award Categories. Our awesome judges will decide just how influential you really are!!

All the best with your submissions.