New Generation Awards

"We are excited to announce that MarkLives has joined this year's awards as official media partners. Over the next few months, MarkLives will help promote this year’s digital awards, through their trade news platform and various social channels. They will also be one of the main partners that streams the awards ceremony live in September", says Stephen Paxton, founder and CEO of the New Gen Awards.

"We are thrilled to have MarkLives on board this year’s awards, as official media partners. We look forward to a mutual and beneficial partnership together that generates quality exposure for both brands in the coming months.

MarkLives is South Africa’s leading journalism-driven trade news platform for industry news, opinion, analysis, case studies, profiles and marketing innovations. It offers a fresh, independent and investigative view of southern Africa’s changing communication landscape.

MarkLives has established itself as a must-read news site for senior marketing professionals, media editors and publishers as well as senior advertising executives. The site has gained influence through breaking industry news and in-depth features.

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