New Generation Awards

Mpume joined the Joe Public team in 2013 as the Business Unit Director where she spearheaded a vast portfolio of brands that include the development of brand strategy and ATL campaigns for Nedbank, CCI’s Brothers for Life, Zazi, British American Tobacco, South African Breweries Corporate brand, Brutal Fruit, Redd’s and Castle Milk Stout, to name but a few.

She brought with her over eleven years of experience stemming from her BCom Honours Degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Natal. Starting her career in 2002 at Johnnic Publishing, Mpume kept her positions in the industry far from static as she continuously found the opportunity to grow and further her knowledge, skills and expertise within the industry. This was evident as she became the Account Director and later the Business Unit Director in 2008 at Yellowwood, where she transformed brand strategies into design strategies within various disciplines such as packaging design as well as 3D and 4D design. Her brand portfolio grew to include categories from financial services, media, hospitality and retail to biotechnology, petrochemicals, manufacturing and freight.

Lastly, Mpume has been a part time lecturer at Boston Media House for the past four years further reflecting how growth and development is important for young talent coming into the industry. In a world that is driven by technological and digital advancement and innovation, it is clear that Mpume strives to stay one step ahead of the latest trends and developments by broadening her range of knowledge and skills within digital marketing and advertising.

In light of the above, Mpume proves to be a strong candidate to judge at the New Generation Awards as her career and motivations reflect the groundings upon which the awards are based. This being the acknowledgment of innovative, creative and brilliant digital marketing media that shows understandings of the past and the future of our digital landscape. Mpume’s expertise will be a valuable addition to the candidate of judges.

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