Entries are open for the 2024 New Generation Awards

KCP New Generation Awards 2023 168

📢 Entries for the 12th annual New Generation Awards have been open since 01 May, and will close on Friday, 12 July - COB.

🏆 For more than a decade now, these awards have been a symbol of recognition and celebration for the true leaders in South Africa's communication, media, and digital technology sectors, as well as the top tertiary education institutes. They inspire us to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of innovation, setting new standards of success that we can all aspire to.
With 60 industry-specific categories, the New Generation Awards are the most prestigious independent digital media awards program, in the country. They acknowledge exceptional and innovative result-driven marketing campaigns, the best use of social and digital media, PR, as well as traditional marketing, and cutting-edge tech solutions employed by leading companies, agencies, and individuals to promote themselves, and their brands and products in disruptive and pioneering ways.

📅 We look forward to seeing the groundbreaking work that has been commercially launched in South Africa between 01 May 2023 and 14 June 2024.

📰 Two new awards have been introduced in both the agency and corporate categories.

1️⃣ Best CRM Strategy Campaign Award
2️⃣ Best Email Marketing Campaign Award

Reasons to enter!

➡ Boost employee morale & enhance company performance.
➡ Winning brands have seen greater client appreciation which helps maintain their competitive advantage.
➡ 60 industry-focused categories to enter.
➡ Attract South Africa's best talent to work for your business.
➡ Showcase cutting-edge work across multiple media disciplines.
➡ Winning brands are an attractive option for consumers.
➡ Compete alongside the best digital agencies & corporates in SA.
➡ Promote creative excellence to new & existing clients.
➡ Clients gain a better understanding, of the Individual winners and their strategic inputs across campaigns.
➡ Flash the New Gen logo across your stationery for, 12 months.
➡ Add winning work to your pitches to stand out from the rest.

Modern Marketing Expo & News are the award's official media partners.

For more awards info, judges's tips, entry fees, and to view our 2024 judging panel, please kindly explore our site: https://www.newgenawards.co.za...
We look forward to seeing this year's submissions... #NewGenAwards

The 2024 awards gala ceremony takes place on Thursday, 26th September, at The Hilton Hotel, Sandton. (soon to be rebranded as) NH SANDTON.